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Green Bags & Blue Bins: Vershire's Trash & Recycling System

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Coordinator Mark Fogarty Explains

Recycling and trash collection in Vershire take place at the corner of Durgin Hill Road and Vt. Route 113 on Saturday mornings. Winter hours have just started, which means Mark Fogarty is ready to receive recyclables and refuse by 7 a.m. and will be standing by until noon, both the start and end times having moved up an hour from the previous schedule as of January 14.

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I posed a few questions to Mark recently, and here's what he has to say.

How long have you been Recycling Coordinator?

Mark: I started in late April or the beginning of May. It was right after sugar season and the birth of my daughter. 

What exactly do you do in that role?

Mark: The main role is helping the residents of town make sure the right things go in the right area and answer recycling questions. I also help many of the elder residents of town with [getting] their heavy trash bags from their vehicles into the packer.

All Vershire residents pack trash in green bags available from the Town Clerk.

What would you like people to know about our recycling and trash program, what can they do to help?

Mark: There are numerous items to this one. The first and foremost is to make sure their recycling items are CLEAN. Someone else down stream has to touch them again so being soiled with food is just unacceptable and kind'a gross. The other big one is to pre-sort. Many do and it streamlines their time at the facility. It also ensures after they depart, I don't have to go in and pick non-recyclable items or misappropriated items out of the containers. Another biggie ... we have to pay for recycling. The program isn't free and the town shells out a lot of money. Battery recycling is free although. We can take everything except wet cell batteries that would be found in cars or lawnmowers.

Rinse and sort at home to make things easier.

We cannot recycle plastic bags of any sort, and oil or any container that had a flammable substance in it (lighter fluid, oil, dry gas, spray paint....) must go in the trash.

What about the future of the site, where the town garage will also be built?

Mark: I believe we are in our spot to stay. The future garage will be up the road. The select board recognizes the current set up is not the final answer, but we are making it work. They hope to solicit grant funding to model our future center after that of Chelsea where they have compactors for both trash and recycling. That would eliminate the packer truck and illegal dumping at the facility, or at least it would be reduced.  

Paper on the right, darn near everything else on the left.

What can we recycle? Nearly everything, anymore!  "What Do I Do With...?" is a searchable guide to disposing of everything "from A to Z" that you might come across. The entire "2016 Green Guide and Special Collections" is available online as well.

Recycle paper, aluminum, cardboard, steel glass, hard plastics

A recent postcard issued from the Town Office reminds people to separate the returnable cans for donation to the Vershire Volunteer Fire Department, and reminds us that, "Exclusive of recycling, Vershire generates 2 tons or 4000 pounds of trash a week!!"

Trash that cannot be recycled is required to be bagged in special green trash bags, available at the Town Office for $2 each.  This is our alternative to a per bag fee being collected at the disposal site. The town's packer truck is parked on site at the recycling center during collection hours, then Mark drives it to the landfill in Lebanon. Mark emphasizes, " All trash needs to be in a green bag. No exceptions. These can be purchased at the Town Clerk's office and yes he is open the first and third Saturdays of the month. I cannot accept any money."

What about the new state law we've been hearing about? Yes, the Vermont Universal Recycling Law: Act 148 was passed in 2012 to encourage more recycling, composting and other strategies for reducing landfill waste. Here is a summary of the new law.

Vershire is part of the Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management District, along with nine other Vermont towns. The Vershire position on the Board of Supervisors is listed as vacant on the GUVSWMD website.

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