Attempt to extort Windsor woman over drugs boomerangs

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Windsor woman fined the amount she attempted to gain

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - “I know you guys are going to find this funny, but I didn’t know what the word `extortion’ was until I looked it up on my phone,” a chagrined Windsor woman explained in court Friday as she struck a plea deal for having sent threatening notes demanding money from a woman on her street whom she suspected of drug dealing.

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    Connie Foran, 55, of Windsor entered guilty pleas on Friday to two misdemeanor counts of attempted petty larceny and, in exchange, the state dropped the original felony extortion charge that had been filed against her after back-to-back notes were discovered last Monday, Martin Luther King Day, taped to the door of the victim’s apartment.

    Windsor Police Detective Jennifer Frank wrote in an affidavit filed with the court that a neighbor noticed the first threatening note and immediately brought it to police attention.

    Detective Frank said the handwritten missive, replete with parts that were double-underlined and a smiley face for emphasis, read “You Can Bring me $1,000.00 today by 6:00 p.m. on 1/16/2017 OR your DRUG Business will Be Permanently out of Business. Boy did you **** up Ive got you by the **** Ha. Ha” Frank said the letter was inside an envelope with the intended victim’s initials on the front and the messages “You’ve met your worst nightmare” and “#I’m not messing around” followed by Foran’s actual phone number.

Connie Foran of Windsor in court Friday afternoon with public defender Erik Braghirol

    Detective Frank said she promptly called Foran and asked what was going on only to have Foran breezily confess to having written the note and add that (since she had noticed it was gone and had apparently been removed by someone other than the victim she’d intended) that she had written a second note and was currently “driving around Windsor area roads looking for (the intended victim)” to see that she got it.

    Detective Frank said Foran then told her that “if (the victim) was to make the monetary payment, it would not guarantee that (Foran) would not use the threat to further extort addition funds from her.”

    “When I noted to Foran that she had already told me the (alleged) drug information involving (the victim) Foran instructed me not to tell that fact to” her, the detective wrote, saying that Foran added, “Don’t let her know. I want the thousand bucks.”

    Detective Frank wrote that Foran went on to assure the detective that she “was not currently using any alcohol, illegal or impairing drugs and was of sane mind and did this with the intent of making (the victim) `scared like a son of a gun’.”

    During her court appearance on Friday, Foran offered up her explanation of a complete lack of understanding of what constitutes extortion in an apologetic tone and Judge Theresa DiMauro responded from the bench by saying that in the future, “If you have legitimate concerns about criminal activity the way to handle it is to report it to the police.”

    Windsor County State’s Attorney David Cahill explained to the judge that the plea agreement was crafted with a certain symmetry in mind: “Ms. Foran was trying to steal a thousand dollars from an individual and now instead she is going to be paying a thousand dollars in fines to the state.”

The two $500 fines were accompanied by mandatory surcharges which ended up bringing the total punishment for Foran to $1,444.

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