Why Are We Angry?

Charlie lives in the Upper Valley and needs our help.

.. and how helping others heals us

Anger is depression turned outward. It is a cry for help, cry for attention, the inability to accept what is and not having faith in the future. Anger makes us swear, yell, white knuckle and slam doors. Do not be angry at me for writing this, but it is true. 

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Until a few years ago I believed that I had the right to be angry. "I suffered enough, I do what I please". Oh boy, was I wrong!  Through long lasting growing pains I learned that genuine kindness is the medicine for all my problems. With a help of friends, books and seminars I came to believe that expecting others to be kind to us is not the first step. We first need to create an atmosphere where kindness can find its place. In my case, I needed extensive training to find what is often obvious to others. I was a royal mess. 

We are angry because we know everything.  We know how others think, feel, what they do wrong, how they should sleep, eat, love, look and speak. Human intelligence has taken away the ability to feel humble and admit "I know very little". We dwell in the present and blame others for our current situation. 

Becoming accepting and the turning into a compassionate person  can be hard and it does not happen overnight. One kind act at a time and we can soon adapt to a new life style.  Anger will disappear, pride and self righteousness will be gone. Why? Because we can not be angry and kind and the same time.  It is either love or hate. Lies or honesty. Hugs or aggression. Openness or isolation. Trust or doubt. 

I made my choices. I still fall, but I created a safety net around myself. I called it Chelsea's Footprints. My volunteering has turned lives of animals around. The joy, no matter how small radiates from animals to owner to myself.  When I set a goal that involves giving, it paves the roads for my future.

I invite you to set goals of helping another being without expecting anything in return. If you are anything like I am, at the beginning,  you will need constant, scheduled reminder of getting ready for another random act of kindness. After a while, it will be your second nature and you will wonder how you had time to be angry in the first place. 

With Love,

Andrea Conger

President /Founder of 

Chelsea's Footprints 


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