Today in Hanover and Dartmouth College History January 20th

Dartmouth Hall on a snowless January 20, 1897

A Snowless Day in Hanover and on the Dartmouth College Campus

On January 20th, 1897 a photographer recorded a snowless campus. At a time when cameras and film were much less common, someone felt the urge to document the total lack of snow in the heart of winter. In contrast, twenty years earlier, on January 20th, 1877, we had buildings collapsing under the weight of snow, one of which was the original Dartmouth College Boat House.

Wentworth Street showing The Vestry and the College Church, Rev. Dr Leeds, Nathaniel Lord's House, The Rood House and the building lurking behind where Baker Library now stands is the Butterfield Museum

This image looks Northeast over the lands formerly owned by the New Hampshire College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts. East Wheelock St with Alpha Delta Fraternity, Dr Frost, Prof. C. H. Hitchcock. Along South Park St the Barns of the Agricultural are visible

Wentworth Hall, Dartmouth Hall, and Thornton Hall, prior to the fire the destroyed Dartmouth Hall.

More on that later...

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1877 Winter scenes

1877 West Wheelock St looking west towards Norwich, from Main St

1877 Winter West Wheelock St, Ledyard bridge with Lewiston and Norwich in the distance

1877 Winter Main St Hanover Looking North The Church of Christ at Dartmouth is center rear, The Tontine building and Dartmouth Hotel on the right were destroyed in the January 4 1887 fire.

1877 Winter South Main St looking South

Photo Credits to Dartmouth College Rauner Library. They are open on Saturdays until 1pm and have amazing information about our historic weather.


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