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Vershire Honors the Presidential Transition in Various Ways

Even in little Vershire, nestled in the hills above the Upper Valley, there is diversity, not only in appearance, but also in experience and perspective.  And this weekend, there is a wide range from apathy to hope to despair around the Presidential Inauguration that took place today.

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Bob Youngquist watched the proceedings in Washington, D.C. and was pleased with the new President's speech, calling it "impressive." He was also quite taken with the performance of the National Anthem by 16-year-old Jackie Evancho.  He said it was better than many professional singers he's heard, and he applauded her courage and willingness to perform on such a grand scale at such a young age.

Others were looking for perhaps a small gathering to share the intensity of the day, but none was planned.  A few women gathered in an interfaith prayer circle Friday evening.

Today, Saturday, promises to be more lively as Vershire residents head to marches and rallies scheduled to give voice to the traditional American values of free speech, inclusiveness and active participation in community and government.

At least three carpools from Vershire are planned  to gather in our state capitol with others from around the state at the Women's March in Montpelier.

Sandy Thorne has knitted and given away twelve of the pink hats with cat-like ears known as pussyhats, joining a national movement to create a visible symbol at the Women's March on Washington and over 670 sister events taking place across the world.  Though she would love to march, she plans to attend the birthday party of one of her students.  She feels it's also important to celebrate the good things in life that do go on despite politics swinging one way or another.

Holly Drew will be marching in New York City with Eleanor's Legacy.  "I am named for Eleanor Roosevelt and my mom worked in Washington during the New Deal, so the Eleanor's Legacy group has special meaning for me.  This group will be at the head of the march..." Holly explains, referring to her official first name.  She was planning to march in D.C. but a veterinary emergency caused her to change plans.

Some just don't get involved in things like this or have other family commitments.  Some will be working Saturday during the marches.  Others are more resigned, feeling that what's done is done and we can't change it now, so we might as well get on with our lives, such as Bonnie Strout.

I know these represent just a few of the opinions and experiences of folks in Vershire, and all are important.  I deeply value the variety and differences in our community as well as the things we share and hold in common, and I appreciate all that was shared with me for this article.  I always strive to be sensitive to what folks are willing to share publicly, and I know these are touchy issues, which is what makes them so important to talk about and explore.  Thank you for joining me in working toward understanding and unity in our community.

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