Vermont Atlas of Life Crowd-sourced Projects Create Big Data for Biodiversity

Make your 2017 resolution to get out and add your observations online

This year marks the 14-year anniversary of Vermont eBird, the first state portal for eBird. In just a decade-and-a-half, checklists from bird watchers have helped make Vermont eBird the largest citizen science biodiversity project in the State. Nearly 2,000 Vermont eBirders have submitted 218,869 complete checklists, representing all 385 species of birds ever reported from Vermont. We've added nearly 11,000 images and over 500 sound recordings with these checklists.
With over 122,000 observations of nearly 5,000 species contributed by 1,321 citizen scientists, in just four years iNaturalist Vermont has become a big data biodiversity source in the State. 2016 was a landmark year, as 777 naturalists contributing 43,182 observations for over 3,000 species. Nearly 900 naturalist helped to identify and verify data
Read more about VCE's milestones and the future of Vermont eBird and iNaturalist Vermont on the VCE blog. Then make your 2017 resolution to get outside and add your own observations!
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