Gas station photos of Wilder Mobil robber released

Robber was wearing a grey jacket over a green jacket

WILDER, VT - Hartford Police released surveillance camera photos on Wednesday of the robber who stuck up the Mobil gas station at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, the second such robbery of a convenience store on that stretch of Hartford Avenue in just under three day's time.

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    The robber entered the gas station, which is also known as the Wilder Smart Shop, and brandished an undetermined type of dark-framed pistol and handed the clerk a bag to fill with cash.  

    The man was wearing "cargo-like pants, sneaker boots, and a grey-hooded jacket over a green under-jacket" and was also wearing gloves, police said.

    Police also released a slightly updated description of the robber as a "white male, approximately 5' 4" tall and weighing 170 to 180 pounds."

    Surveillance video shows the robber coming from Hewitt Street and then running back out with an undisclosed amount of cash in the same direction down Hewitt Street where police following his footprints in the snow believe he turned onto Wilder Street and got into a waiting car.

    Anyone with any information is urged to call the Hartford Police Department at 802-295-9425. 

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