Where's the Snowplow?

Here's where Vermont snowplows (orange icons) were treating icy roads (blue lines) at 9:49 on Thursday morning.

VTrans software tracks snowplows and road conditions in real time

On Tuesday the Vermont Agency of Transportation launched Winter Central — a new site designed to help drivers navigate winter road conditions in the state. The site's coolest feature is Plow Finder, a map showing where VTrans plow trucks are currently working. In the midst of a blizzard it is helpful to know what's been plowed and what is being plowed. 

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Plow Finder works like this: Truck locations are transmitted once every minute via cellular modem. The trucks' current locations are displayed on the Plow Finder map as orange icons, and their progress for the last hour shows up as blue lines behind the icons. Because Vermont's cell service is spotty, not all trucks show up all the time and there may be gaps in the blue lines showing where they've plowed. Users can add Weather Service alerts, Doppler radar and webcam as needed to the basic Plow Finder map.

VTrans webcams, like this one outside of White River Junction, show road conditions in real time.


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