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Is getting out of the house tricky with little ones?  Watching your budget? Maybe you're just tired of going out to eat or the movies.  You might've searched for date night ideas online like me and found often the ideas didn’t work in the winter or were unavailable in our area.  

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Then I came across at home date nights at the Dating Divas, which involved making an every day activity like dinner or a movie or tv show more interesting. These are my favorites that I'm looking forward to trying.  They're free to print, require little to no planning, and some just need treats as a reward.  They even came up an article with ideas specifically for beating boredom.

Spouse Scattergories: A fun game I enjoyed growing up with and now I can have fun with inside jokes for example one reads: 'A word to describe my spouse's cooking.' I can see us having fun with this.

Chocolate Tasting:  My husband and I love chocolate so I could see this being a good winter or special occasion idea.  Can't beat an activity that gives you an excuse to try chocolate.  I was thinking of tweaking the idea so you're blind folded and have to rate and guess the chocolate type.

Football Tailgate Date:   I like to interact with sports on tv and on the dating diva site you can make predictions and do certain actions based on the results.  Won the toss? You get a kiss.  Your team scored? Get a back rub, etc.  Sounds like fun to me.

Super Market Sweep:  I loved this show as a kid.  Now I like the idea of shopping for my spouse and it's a race.  Takes grocery shopping to a whole 'nother level.  You could also cook in bulk with your spouse on this date.

This would be a good group date but you can do it as a couple too.  Improv anyone?  Try Who's Line is it Anyway date.  Other group date ideas are Couples Min it to Win it and Battle of the Sexes.

Here are some more links of ideas.

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Creative and fun ideas like do a play

Some people even plan date nights for each month, which is a cool idea.  You can find ideas on how to do it and what types of date nights you can do here: idea 1 idea 2 sports themed

Of course these don't have to just be date night ideas.  You can make them work for family time, fun outing with a friend etc. 

What do you do for date nights?  Any suggestions?

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