Advance Transit: Best thing for people who hate driving, or are horrible at it...

Submitted 2 years ago
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Margo O'Day

Driving has never been my cup of tea. I grew up in Enfield, and to go anywhere, you need to know how to drive. My father taught me how to drive when I was thirteen, in an old ford truck with three on the tree. He said it would be easy. It wasn’t. I ran over stop signs and my four brothers vowed to never drive with me again, ever. They kept that promise. I took drivers ed in school. Mr. Johnson passed me to get me out of the class. I did great on written tests, but knocked down all the orange cones every time, but I did get my license! I tend to drive like a tourist. Show me a secondary road, and I drive as fast as possible, put me on the interstate, and I slow down to the minimum. I won’t pass people, or get off at the right exit. I won’t parallel park or back into a parking place. That’s where the bus comes in. I moved back to Enfield and the thought of driving to Norwich every day filled me with misgivings. Since I live on route 4, the bus goes by my house. The lightbulb flashed! I checked the schedule and yes! I could make it to work and not drive!!! Every morning I stand at the stop, flash my light that the bus company gave me, and enjoy the bus! 1) It’s free, and I could ride anywhere in the Upper Valley. 2) No need to warm up a car in the winter, or worry about shoveling snow to get out. 3) I read, use my tablet or just chat with the other riders. 4) The drivers are pleasant. 5) I don’t have to deal with the driving. My bus tends to be people going to work in the morning and the driver knows everyone’s stop. So, that’s the end of my spiel about driving, or not driving. I’ve found an alternative that I’m happy with!

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