Catatonic woman removed from Amtrak train in White River Junction on New Year's Eve

Police say hospital patient was given a cab ride and put on train

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT - A woman with a ticket to Burlington who appeared to be under the influence of medication was put off of Sunday evening's northbound Amtrak train at the White River Junction depot after her catatonic behavior during the hour or so she'd been on the train alarmed the conductors.

    Hartford Police were called about the situation just a few minutes before the train arrived at 6:30 p.m. and told the woman had been sitting motionless and staring off into space.  Officers arrived to find the white-haired woman outside the stopped train slowly trying to get into a truck belonging to a freight railroad crew that had parked it underneath a shelter right next to the train station.

    The first responders stepped in to help and summoned a Hartford Ambulance to the scene and gingerly escorted the woman, with an officer on either arm step-by-step slowly to the warm waiting area inside the station, while they awaited the ambulance.

    "She has no idea where she is.  She's just out of it.  You can clearly tell she's on something," Hartford Police Sgt. Jason Pedro noted as the train began to pull out of the station and continue it's evening journey to St. Albans without her.

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    Sgt. Pedro said he'd been able to determine that earlier in the day the woman had been a patient at a hospital in Brattleboro "and from there they put her in a cab and drove her right to the train" at the downtown Brattleboro station stop.


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