GlitterPickle: Sipped, Painted, and Approved

The sip-and-paint home party in action.

This is the second of a two-part feature on GlitterPickle paint-at-home party kits. For part one - a full profile on GlitterPickle and its local founder, Sarah Maxell-Crosby - read this piece by fellow blogger Susan Apel on Artful Edge and get inspired. To see how my painting parties went, read on.

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Social time is elusive when you have young kids. Everyone's in for the night by 8:00 p.m. Or you have to pay for a sitter and an activity. Sometimes it's easier (and cheaper) to stay in and binge-watch Netflix than it is to organize a gathering. Plus, I like to be social, but I'm not good at big parties. I can handle them for about a half hour before you'll inevitably find me hiding in the bathroom for five minutes of silence.

But put me in a room with a few good friends and a bottle of wine? Without slaughtering my wallet? That's my kind of party.

That's where GlitterPickle sip-and-paint parties come in. I hosted a GlitterPickle party in November for a group of work friends - a retreat, of sorts. It was so easy to put together, and went so well, that I did another for my daughter's tenth birthday party a few weeks later.

(No wine was sipped on the second one. Well, not until after the party.)

The kits really are that versatile and user-friendly. Our work group did pumpkins and a potluck dinner. Thanks to the masterful directions included in the kit, we each ended up with pieces that were similar, but unique to the artist (and surprisingly well-executed given the number of empty wine glasses on the table):

For her party, my daughter chose an ivory flower on a teal background. But when I put the paints on the table, ten year-old anarchy ensued. It's a wonder their teachers get them moving in the same direction, ever. Ivory flowers, anyone? Anyone?

But to me, this party captured the essence of GlitterPickle. That's my kid in the middle, beaming. She was so proud of what she created and so relaxed in her house, on her turf, among her friends. In the end, that's why these parties are so great. It's not about "paint this" or "paint that." Just paint. Create something. Connect with friends. Abandon your bathroom-hiding strategy. Have fun.

Sounds like a good mantra as we head into 2017, no? Try a GlitterPickle kit. I promise it's as fun to do as it is to say.


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