Standing As I Am

I am holding one of my dogs, while speaking to the senior high schoolers in Newport, NH

Everyone Can Make A Difference

To say the least, I was nervous. I tried planning my speech, but I much rather improvise. I scope out the audience and let my heart and words take over.  No, I am not a good public speaker. I am far from one, but if I knew I carried an important message. I also invited two friends who came to support me. 

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I first targeted the elephant in the room and explained the root of my strong accent. This way, no one wasted time trying to guess my origin - instead they listened to what was important.

I was invited to speak in front of a group of eighteen year old students. These young people were writing about current issues and some wanted to learn about animal cruelty.  I am not an expert. I do not think I could be a full time cruelty investigator, I even question my ability to work in an animal shelter. I love to volunteer and run a charity but that is about all I can do.

By default, I ended up in the midst of a tragic case and explaining my struggles was a good way to introduce young people to the dark side of animal rescue.

These young people were looking at me with interest and followed every word I had to say. I told them my story. I even mentioned the reason behind my obsession with animals. I wanted them to see how one person can make a difference. I wanted to show that life is what we make of it, even if we were handed the worst cards.  We can overcome, rise above and make a difference.

I hope if you have a story to share you will not be afraid to tell it. You do not know how much impact it could have in the life of someone else.


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