3 Reading Calendars for 2017

Courtesy of The New York Public Library

What are your reading plans for the new year? The New York Public Library has created three reading calendars that will allow you to "focus your reading on something new and emerge from 2017 a more well-rounded reader." There are 12 suggestions in each list, one book a month.

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  1. Modern American Classics - a classic on this list is "a defining or definitive work of art, published in 1960 or later, that’s a brilliant accomplishment or a near-perfect example of a genre"

  2. YA Novels for Adults Too - suggestions that go beyond the well-known young adult novels — Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars

  3. Genre Sampler Pack - "subsets of fiction: romance, fantasy, thrillers, urban fiction"

Interested? Which track will you take?


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