Interesting and Most-Read Posts from 2016

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Ken Davis

Here's some good stuff you might have missed.

Between our blog and Daily UV, the Co-op published around 200 posts this year. Our content was varied: recipes, news, profiles, recalls, tips, features, general food geekery, et cetera. 

Below is a handful of interesting and most-read posts published on Daily UV in 2016. (We just started blogging here in the fall.) Many thanks to our friends at Daily UV for providing the people of the Upper Valley with a fabulous resource!

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In no particular order:

Questions About the Centerra Sale?

Light, Local, and a Hoot to Pronounce

Why We're Crazy About Pacha

Why We Park Cars at the Holidays

Surely You Jest

Big-Box Grocers Give Local a Lot of Latitude

5 Reasons to Buy a Real Christmas Tree

A Profile of Terry Appleby, the Co-op's Retiring GM

A Profile of Ed Fox, the Co-op's New GM

How Are We Consuming All That Sugar?

Shocking! Lettuce is Better for the Environment than Bacon

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