The Main Culprit.

A Winter Reminder

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Kate Bascom

Last week I failed to remember elementary school science. I opened the back door of my tiny Mirage to find an alarming site. Brown colored slush was all over the back of my car. On the back seat, on the ceiling, frozen to my cowgirl boots on the floor, and even a few chunks in the passenger seat. It looked as if I had left the windows down in my car all night and a plow had sprayed dirty snow into it as it passed by. Except,neither had occurred. I stood perplexed looking at the mysterious disaster. Suddenly, I realized the culprit. I had left a 12 pack of Cherry Coke Zero behind the driver's seat. No match for the -13 degree night, one can's lid popped off and burst right through the cardboard box. Another can's lid had partially erupted. No other cans exploded but a few others were misshapen. So Just as a reminder, don't forget to take soda out of the back of your car during the cold months and feel free to have a laugh at my expense.

                                                                        The Mess

And the Stain

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