Ultimate Gingerbread Estate

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Susan B. Apel

There are gingerbread houses, and then there are gingerbread estates, exuberantly landscaped with every sweet confection known to kids of all ages. Such is the one on display in the lobby of the Hanover Inn. Built around the theme of the children's game "Candy Land," it celebrates the season with the gingerbread house proper, but much more: Peppermint Land, Licorice Land, Gumdrop Land, Peanut Acres, the Gazebo, and a Lollipop Forest. 

You certainly can't taste, and you are asked not to touch. Looking, however, is free. As is reminiscing about gingerbread houses of your youth. It could inspire you to make one, or render you exhausted just thinking about it. 

Peppermint Land

This is a project for which assembly is not only required, it is the basis of the art itself. To see how it was done, check out this video by the house's own creators, in which all secrets are revealed

The gazebo (I believe) with Peanut Acres in the background, left.


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