5 Tips to Photographing your Holiday Season

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Capture all the joy this holiday season with these 5 creative photography tips!


A little color play can do wonders. I like to photograph with colors that will make the scene pop a bit more and allow my subject to stand out against the bright white scene. Whether it be a soft muted color or a bright red, an isolated subject with a pop of color among a blanket of white looks amazing in an image!


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Bring your camera outside in the snow! Make snow angels with your kids. Throw some snow up in the air and capture it falling against a golden backlit sky and see the flakes make the most beautiful bokeh.   A fast shutter speed can capture those beautiful flakes falling mid-air (this is best done with a colored background – building, row of trees, etc – to make sure those flakes show well against your background and it’s not white on white).


Little reminders of what the day was like, or special quiet moments that are fleeting on such a busy and hectic holiday. Capture what the weather was like, or what Santa’s note said, a special ornament it’s easy to forget these little details when we get caught up in the whirlwind that is Christmas.


You can throw them in a few photos because, well, they are family too! We don’t want to miss out on documenting the “whole” family. You will be glad that you did looking back years later. You can try bribing the furbaby with doggie treats and commands to make them do what you want. Have someone assisting you while shooting so they can place the pup and quickly jump out of the frame.



Picking out and decorating your tree are must have photos every holiday season! Both events are great a time to capture your children’s excitement about the holiday, and its so fun for us to look back on past years and watch their growth each year. If you pick out a live tree, adventuring through the field and showing how your family chose is definitely a moment you will want to remember. Don’t forget the tripod and remote and get yourself in the frame, too!

 Blog contributed by Emmy Fox. Emmy Fox is a photographer and mother of two.


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