A real electric company doesn't ask for one of these over the phone.

Hanover and Hartford Police Warn About About Gift-Card Scam

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No, that isn't the electric company on the other end of the line

People posing as representatives from Liberty Utilities have been calling residents of Hanover and surrounding towns and demanding payment on “overdue accounts,” says the Hanover Police Department. These individuals threaten to have the power shut off if residents do not satisfy their “outstanding balance.” Residents have been told to buy gift cards from local grocery stores and supply that information to the individual calling. These calls have been coming from telephone number (801) 732-7470, however other numbers may be utilized.

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Hanover Police have determined these calls to be fraudulent. A senior representative from Liberty Utilities recently confirmed that Liberty Utilities uses a structured procedure for collecting payment, which does not include immediately cutting the power.  If residents doubt the identity of anyone claiming to be a representative of Liberty Utilities or some other utility company, they're encouraged to end the call, then call their utility company at their main phone number.

Across the river, the Hartford Police have issued a similar warning to Green Mountain Power customers. "We are getting numerous reports of fraudulent calls from Green Mountain Power," wrote the department on its Facebook page. "You should never give any credit card information over the phone and Green Mountain Power will not ask you to go to a grocery store to buy a prepaid credit card for them."

Green Mountain Power does not demand credit card information or alternate payment mechanisms from a customer for any purpose. Any customer receiving such a call should not provide the caller with personal information, including account and credit card numbers. If you have any doubt about the source of the call, you should hang up and call Green Mountain Power’s toll free customer service line at 1-888-835-4672 to verify the caller’s identity. The Vermont Attorney General’s office recommends reporting these phone scam calls by calling  1-800-649-2424 outside of Chittenden County or 1-802-656-1423 if you live in Chittenden County. 

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