5 Misconceptions You May Have of a Sip and Paint

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You Need to Go with Someone

Not true!  When I went to my first sip and paint I went alone and had a blast.  I picked a spot and was ready to go.  It’s a great balance of an individual and a social activity, but you control the amount of socializing you do.  I had moments of being focused in my painting, and other times when I commented: “I think my fairy’s been working out.  She’s got big calves.”  This actually sparked a conversation about the look of our fairies: “That’s okay mine has a big booty.”  It was rather entertaining and we were giggling away.  So whether you’re alone or with a friend or family member, there’s fun to be had!

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I can’t paint that

Oh this is the best part! The instructor takes you step by step through each section of the painting.  S/he tells you what paints to mix and models how to paint the shape or area.  Then you try and the instructor will walk around to answer questions and provide feedback.   Then the instructor will show you the next step as a group and you get to work on that. You see the painting transform before your eyes.  I highly recommend taking process shots to share with friends so they can see your awesomeness!  Everyone’s looked different and you can deviate from the model, which the instructor can give you suggestions if you want to do that.  In my class, most people just followed the model, but another instructor said her recent class had all sorts of additions to her landscape painting, like trees and buildings etc.  You get guided instruction but also freedom.  At the end you get to take home the beautiful painting you created, and you can’t beat that. 

You need to bring alcohol

Definitely not.  Yes, there were people with wine or malt beverages, sipping away, but some people didn’t bring anything to drink, and I brought fruit tea.  Bring whatever makes the experience more enjoyable for you; it could even be a snack!

It’s a girl thing

Really it’s about the content you’re painting not the activity.  My class had all girls in it, so yes maybe my class was a girl thing because we were painting a fairy swinging on a branch.  Another instructor told me that her recent painting of a night sky had a lot of guys in it.  There is a variety of subject matter at Tip Top Pottery, with many I wish I could’ve gone to a class and painted.  So no, it’s not just a girl thing to do or a ladies night out, though that’s a great idea; it could make a great date night, family fun activity, parent and teen activity, gift for a friend, or group activity. 

It’s too expensive

I got to paint, have a couple hours of fun, and have something to bring home for $40.  That’s definitely doable.   You can even go back and paint some pottery as a gift or for yourself, which is another fun activity.  The prices on the pottery pieces were very reasonable.  I was looking at them and saying to myself, I want to paint that, oh! and that…oh, that’s super fun – that too.

There aren’t any around me

There are actually a lot of sip and paints in the Upper Valley, which I didn’t know.  I have a list of them here on this post.  So you can explore different ones.  Maybe there’s one that fits your schedule or tastes better.  Maybe there’s one that’s closer to where you live.  Either way, you have lots of options.  We’ve very lucky!

If you want to know what a sip and paint experience is like, read about my experience at Upper Valley Fun here.

Happy Painting!

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