December Resolution!

A New Year Ahead!

Why Wait Until January?

Thanksgiving is over and we are headed into December at a very rapid pace. The month is sure to bring many more celebrations, parties and events. With all these fun occasions talking place, there could be challenges trying to derail you from the good habits you have worked so hard to put in place. For whatever reason, when the holiday season begins, people feel they have permission to eat more and cut back or even stop their regular routine of staying active.

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For more than 35 years of working in the fitness and wellness industry, I've heard the same line over and over again during the month of December, "I'm going to start my new routine beginning January 1st."  This has always confused me. By saying this, you are putting yourself in a mindset that it's okay to eat whatever you want and you don't have to exercise during the month. It's okay to have that extra cookie, extra glass of holiday cheer and miss a workout. 

My challenge to you starting December 1st is - Don't Let This Happen! Ask yourself first before acting. Do I really need that cookie or do I just want it? Do I need another cocktail or do I just want it? Think about the choice before following through. By having a conversation with yourself and not just acting on impulse will help you maintain your good habits. Chances are that taking the extra time to ask yourself a question, will divert you from going in a negative direction. Continue your positive journey by taking care of yourself on a daily basis and not month-to-month or year-to-year. In addition, you won't have to worry about making a New Year's Resolution. Staying true to yourself, being confident and strong will help you be happier and healthier throughout the holiday season.

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Good Luck and Accept the Challenge!

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