Southbound traffic on l-89 near Montpelier was stopped Tuesday morning.

Keep 911 Clear for Emergencies

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Lee Michaelides

For road conditions use

Tuesday morning, as freezing rain was falling on Vermont highways, the state's 911 dispatch center was hit with more than 200 phone calls between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00. Many calls were about auto accidents. Crashes had occurred and blocked traffic on l-89 and l-91. Route 4 in Bridgewater was closed. 

Numerous calls, however, came from people asking about road conditions -- which prompted VTrans to post this message on Facebook: PLEASE DO NOT CALL 911/DISPATCH FOR TRAFFIC CONDITIONS. KEEP 911 CLEAR FOR EMERGENCIES.

For info on traffic or road conditions go to The site has detailed maps reporting road conditions for Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. 


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