Ten Things I Know about Parenting

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Lisa Nichols

Here's what a decade of motherhood has taught me.

My oldest daughter turns ten today. I'm amazed we've survived, and am also mentally gearing up for the next decade. I hear it's kind of a doozie.

In honor of the big 1-0 for both of us, here are ten things I've learned about parenthood:

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Ten: There is a difference between regular baby spit-up and that stomach thing going around. You will know when your baby has the stomach thing.

Nine: The rate at which kids lose their winter gear depends on its newness and cost. Fresh pair of snow pants from L.L. Bean? Gone in a day. Ratty gloves from 2008 bought at the gas station because someone complained their hands were cold? Those will be around forever.

Eight: Kids are far more adaptable and open to new things than we stodgy adults. Your kid might love the thing that terrifies you (looking at you, rollerblading).

Seven: They are also capable of more than we think they are, and they like feeling capable. They can do a lot, if you let them.

Six: If you can’t remember the last time you looked in the back seat of your car, don’t offer to drive anyone anywhere. No one wants your stale Goldfish clinging to their skirt. 

Five: People tend to say “pick your battles” as a way to suggest that you walk away from one. But it’s good advice, because it really means deciding which battles are worth fighting even when you’re tired, out of patience, running late, or all of the above. Letting stuff go is easy. The hard part is choosing where to stand firm.

Four: When looking for new adult friends, seek people who will truly understand why you need to bolt from a play date at 12:52 because if your angel doesn’t nap at 1:00, your life will be hell from now until bedtime. 

Three: Parents are the absolute worst versions of themselves when grocery shopping with kids. Myself included. I won’t judge if you won’t.

Two: Life is too short to look for matching socks.

One: No one else feels they know what they're doing, either. We're all just making it up as we go, and that's okay.


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