The long drive

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Brittney Cole

Hi all,

    Have been on a break of sorts. Working, busy with the upcoming holiday season.... Recently I went on a road trip. The week before Thanksgiving we set out in the wee hours of the morning for North Carolina. No kids, staying with friends. Looked to be a great  adventure for a young couple.

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    I bet now is where you expect me to say: Wrong! Well, I wont. It was good. I mean, not fantastic over-the-top amazing. But it was just a good(quiet) short get away. A days travel for 3 days of no plans seemed well worth it after the year I've had. However, if you dont like to be in the car I caution this type of adventure isnt for you.

    Ive always taken a special interest in taking in the surroundings around me. I feel thats part of what makes a good traveler. You get to see new and even old sites. These sites, whether they be old or new, could pull up a memory, spark a thought, then you have a whole new topic. A new subject to talk about and bank as a memory itself. Following me so far?

    On long roadtrips such as this one I often find myself realizing just how different each state is. Then if you travel enough you get to see the differences just in one state alone. Take NY for instance. I rememeber being in parts where there was farm and cows as far as the eye could see then all of a sudden: Bam! You're surrounded by cars and part of a 3 lane highway, no trees anywhere. Its pretty cool actually.

    Another element to traveling is the unknown. Where would we eat? Are there going to be rest areas? Will we get delayed? These were some of my questions I asked to myself. If you can set aside any anxiety of what may or may not happen the unknown can be pretty exciting.

    We did get to see alot. People, vehicles, places. You have to be able to make your own fun. I found I much rather enjoy singing silly and off-key. It kept the driver awake at least! Which reminds me: I wouldnt reccomend doing on a road trip with someone you dont like. That would be an even longer drive. Leave it to a long trip to find out how compatible you may or may not be with somebody.

    The worst part is always coming home. We are so excited for the trip, the unknown, and to get where we are going. Then, when its all over you know you have to go home. Of course there were our babies to get back to but for others its not as exciting. The good news? You can take the memories made back with you to pull them up on another drive when somehow something sparks it. The trip revived. If only for a second...


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