Vermont owns two plows that clear two lanes at one pass.

Clearing Snow From Vermont's Roads

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Lee Michaelides

Crews don't pull all-nighters.

With the region's first significant snowstorm here, it is important to remember that Vermont adheres to a "safe roads-safe speeds plan" —not a bare roads policy. That means trucks will be plowing, salting and sanding during a storm to keep the roads open, but there will be snow on the roads. (The suggested maximum speed on an interstate highway during a storm is 50 MPH or 10 MPH below the posted limit—whichever is less.)

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During a winter storm, plow crews start work at 3:00 A.M. and work until 10:00 P.M. After that staffing is reduced until 3:00 the the next morning. 

Here are the stats: Vermont has 275 plow trucks,  6,626 lane miles and 375 plow drivers to keep the state highways clear of ice and snow. The after-storm clean-up follows a 4-step priority system. Interstate highways have the highest priority and are cleaned up first. Rural roads with little traffic get cleaned up last. 



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