Local Gift Giving Guide: Teens and Kids

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For Your Teen 

It can be hard to find just the right gift for teens, but there are some great stores that make the search a lot easier.  

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Valley Flower Co and POST

Valley Flower Co and POST in White River have great products a teen would enjoy.  Check out more here


Jewelia in the Powerhouse Mall has great accessories for the teen girl.  I like all the cool headbands and hair clips.

Newbury Comics

Newbury Comics in West Leb. looks like a great place to shop for unique and quirky items a teen would love.  Plus, I don't know of a teen that doesn't love music, and they carry autographed cds! I particularly find the action figures fun like the mini Starwars storm trooper or Harry Potter figurine.  They have gamer gear, mugs and t-shirts with funny sayings, movie themed products, and even backpacks. 

Gift Guide for Teens

As a middle school teacher, I've seen what teens really want.  They like to connect with their peers, express themselves as an individual, and listen or read things that they can connect to tornado of emotions their feeling.  

So for gift ideas things like fun decor for their room, or school supplies that will make them stand out among their peers, tickets to their favorite band or youtuber show (which I just learned some youtubers have shows!) or ways to make connecting with their friends easier like this portable charger or their wireless earbuds.  

I definitely like gifts that kids can make things with, which usually are for young kids but Makey Makey allows teens to make a drawing into an electronic device; it's an invention kit!  

Colorful wireless computer mouse?  A lot of my students definitely don't like the laptop touchpads.  Anything innovative is great for a teen.  This looks amazing!  Bubble wrap calendar.  

You can always get them that video game they've been talking about too at Gamestop in West Leb.

For Children   

I used to shop at big box stores for my neices for Christmas but felt I had to be super creative to come up with gift ideas that weren't just technology toys or plush toys.  I also shopped around big box stores for specific clothing items and didn't have any luck, until I shopped at the Powerhouse mall.

Nature Calls and Bonkers

NatureCalls and Bonkers in the Powerhouse Mall are great places to go for toys and science/nature gifts.  I found shower paint, cute finger puppets, and some other great gifts for my nieces here. I can’t wait to have a reason to go back! 

Country Kids Clothing

Country Kids Clothing has cute clothes for children.  They’re in the Powerhouse Mall.  I’ve bought some great items here like a cozy winter fleece jacket and mittens (which are apparently hard to find for infants). 

Gift Guide for Children

Kids explore and discover their world through play and experience.  Here are some gift ideas you can do or get in the Upper Valley.

If you've never been, or rarely go, you could do a gift of experience to Vins, Billings, or the Montshire and make it a special day.  

You can make a bunch of crafts for kids to have fun with.  See this website here for ideas.  If you're not crafty or you want something ready made, Bonkers at the Powerhouse has craft kits.  I just got a wind chime one for my neices.

I hope you find just the right gift to bright up the young ones in your life.

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