The current bid for this sign is $510.

Buy a Piece of the Long Trail

Submitted 2 years ago
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Lee Michaelides

. . . and give a unique Vermont gift.

The Green Mountain Club is holding its first-ever trail sign auction.  

The keepers of Vermont's Long Trail are putting four vintage signs up for bid — or as the club promotion materials put it:

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 "Authentic Long Trail signs are rare, one-of-a-kind souvenirs. This is your chance to bid on one and bring a piece of the Long Trail and Green Mountain Club history into your home."

Auction proceeds support the Green Mountain Club— the founder and maintainer of the Long Trail, which is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in America. Established in 1910 to build this trail stretching the length of Vermont, the club is a non-profit with more than 10,000 members and reliant on more than 1,000 volunteers annually.

The auction ends on November 29th at 7:45 PM.




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