Fun on Wheels

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Lisa Nichols

A great afternoon at Great View Rollerskating Rink.

I won "Fun Mom" points last weekend by taking my kids to Great View Rollerskating in Enfield. I really needed the points after what seemed a week of just breaking up fights and barking orders at them, so I gladly took them. But I was terrified.

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Gravity is not kind to me. I can turn almost any stumble into an epic, flailing spectacle of a collapse, and that’s without wheels on my feet.

“This is going to be fun!” my kids squealed. “We're so excited!”

If you haven't been, Great View is a terrific family-friendly activity. Affordable admission and rentals, all abilities welcome, and you can skate for as long as you want, whether you're an expert or a wall-clinger like me. Definitely check it out.

We laced up outside the rink. I tried to act casual, despite having neurotically donned every form of protection they offered. Wrist guards? Yup. Knee pads? Bring it on. Elbow pads? You bet.

“What about our butts?” I asked my daughter, who has been learning to roller blade in gym class.

“They say our butts are a natural cushion,” she replied.

Sure, until you grow a sturdy set of child-rearing hips. I looked at the crowd whizzing around the rink and tried not to whimper.

“Put your feet in a ‘V’ shape,” my daughter was saying, “and take little steps. You’ll start going forward naturally." I put my heels together, took two tiny steps, and waited to fall and break something.

Except I didn’t. I just went forward. After a few seconds of tentative gliding, I started to relax. Those buggers were right all along; it was fun!

Every time my daughter slowed down to skate alongside me, she grinned and said, “this so fun!” I realized it wasn’t just fun because were skating, but because we were doing it together.

I had only to exit the rink without falling to call it a clean skate. As I moved across the threshold from the rink to the seating area, I took my hand off the wall for two seconds to get around a girl standing in the doorway. You could say I got cocky.

I immediately went wheels-up and landed on my built-in cushion with a force that, I swear, reverberated up into my brain. You know it was a good fall when everyone around you mutters, “Ooof,”and waits a few seconds to make sure you're still moving.

So it wasn’t a perfect skate, but the smiles were worth it. Now, somebody be a dear and hand me another ice pack.


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