Young and naïve, spring puts her dainty foot forward, Touching the icy waters, pulling back with the shock of cold But she ventures forth, shyly revealing herself. Soft and delicate veils of mossy greens and browns Vibrant yellows with flashes of orange Cover her gown, and finally, after much anticipation, She jumps onto the stage. Summer waits off stage impatiently. This young girl knows nothing! Her thoughts say ,and finally it’s her turn To wow humanity with her moves. Thrusting herself forward she leaps center stage And throws her arms up towards the glaring spotlight Reveling in her glory, her moment. Her gown is vivid green and splashed with all the colors Mother could think of, Golden yellows, sea blues, tangerine, and luscious purples. Near the end of her dance the colors start to blend, Into a blurred palette Autumn peers from behind the curtain, waiting for Summer to end Her long hectic dance. Now her turn has come. Autumn does her sultry, colorful striptease, Slowly removing all signs of what once was And sprinkling her stage with pieces and bits Of her colorful gown. She twirls in the harsh winds, doing the dance The tortured dance of despair, ready for the end Ready to rest. Barely dressed, almost naked she hurries from the stage Passing Winter, her cold robes brush Autumn And shivers shake the last of autumn’s dress off. Watch this! Winter gains the stage with the flare Of a seasoned performer, swirling her white and icy robes She covers the stage with cold confetti and howls Like a demon, a beautiful siren where death is joy And rebirth months away. Now is her time to dance, to drift across the stage Until mother pulls her off the stage and she goes reluctantly. “This show was your best, better than all the rest! Wow them Darling, always wow them!” Another show has ended.

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