Positive Thinking To Move Forward

Phew! Is anyone else exhausted from all the negative vibes in the air? Over the last week, there have been so many conversations about where we are as a country, where we will be as a country and how did we get to where we are as a country. It's tough to answer these questions and yet we spend a lot of time fretting, worrying, fighting, and losing sleep over them.

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When we experience these emotions whether it's for a short or long period of time, our body starts to feel the effects. Our mind controls how we respond and often the first thing to go is our health. We may give up our routine of physical activity, change our diet, stress about what we see or read in the media which makes a lethal combination of unhealthy behaviors.

Instead of letting the negative take control of you, find a way to look at the positive and move forward. Dwelling on the situation and asking, Why? What if? How come? isn't going to help you or anyone else you come in contact with. Continue to get your daily activity, eat healthy meals and surround yourself with positive energy. This is an easy recipe for feeling better and relieving some of the stress you may have been experiencing. The longer you hold onto the bad the worse you are going to be.

The more you can do for yourself the more it will rub off on others and together we'll be in a positive and healthy position! Ready, Set, Smile!!!

Be Well!

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