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Two Expelled for Causing Dartmouth Dorm Fire

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Lee Michaelides

Pair are petitioning for reinstatement

Sebastian Lim and Daniel Ro, the two Dartmouth students whose hibachi caused  the four alarm fire that resulted in major structural damage to Morton Hall, have been expelled. They've started an online petition asking to be let back into the college. Although there were no injuries, 71 students were displaced from the dorm in the October 1 fire that was started by a hibachi left unattended on the building's roof.

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At this writing 1,121 people (529 from Hanover) already have signed the petition in support of the pair.

Responding to a query from The Observer, Dartmouth spokesperson Diana Lawrence wrote:

The fire in Morton Hall was a very serious incident that endangered the lives of students, staff, and first responders and caused extensive damage to Dartmouth property. The College is committed to following its disciplinary process in all cases; the petition will not play a role in that process. Federal law prevents us from providing information about an individual student’s discipline without their consent; we cannot confirm that the students were expelled as they have reported on their petition.

Here's the text of Lim and Ro's petition.

Dear Dartmouth Community, 

Daniel and I want to publicly apologize to each and every one of you for the actions that we took that caused the Morton Fire. We know that besides this, we disrupted and negatively affected several of your lives, and for that we are also truly sorry. We will never do anything to put our fellow peers at risk again. 

We want to come clean about the events that happened. The email sent out to campus does not detail all the events of that night. If any of you all would like to come talk to us about the details of the event, please do and don't rely upon the rumors. 

We would like to also inform you all that it has been decided that we be expelled from this college. There is no question we made a horrible mistake and are willing to accept the consequences. The expulsion, however, is based, in part, on the grounds that we pose a threat to the community at large. While we made a mistake that could have potentially injured people, it was just that - a mistake.We implore you to take a minute to consider what occurred. If you believe that this was truly an honest mistake and that we do not pose a threat to the community, please take one minute of your day to sign this petition and give us a second chance. However, if you find that your right to have the safety and security on this campus has been violated then we are truly sorry and will fully accept the consequences of our actions.

Thank you,
Sebastian Lim and Daniel Ro


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