The New Englander's Guide to Surviving Winter

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Kate Bascom

New Englanders have been ominously saying “Winter is Coming”, centuries before the phrase was popularized by Game of Thrones. As the first snow has already happened,  we know that the season will soon be arriving in full force and probably rudely show up before its official start date of December 21st. As a native New Englander, here's a list of essentials to get you through our most challenging time of the year.

  1. A cozy chair by a big window to watch the snow fall.

  2. A  large mug for coffee, hot chocolate, and tea for those cold days.

  3. A run to the liquor store for when your hot beverage of choice isn’t enough to warm you up. Vermont Ice maple cream liqueur is an excellent choice for both hot chocolate and coffee.

  4. A long sledding hill because fun is a necessity of life.

  5. A Warm weather escape. Sometimes it means Barbados, sometimes it just means Brattleboro when it's 5 degrees warmer.

  6. Respect for the elements. 4 wheel drive and snow tires are lovely, but keep in mind that the only vehicle that’s safe on ice is a zamboni on a hockey rink.

  7. A shovel in your car for when the conditions get the best of you and you slide into the snowbank.

  8. A good book or television series for when you’re stuck inside.

  9. A box of gloves and hats right by the door. Winter gloves are like socks in the sense that their mate always seems to disappear. Doesn’t matter if they match, just make sure to grab a pair as you head out.

  10. Optimism. No matter how many snowfalls or days below zero, just remember that spring always comes.


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