WRJ's Open Door Offers A Fresh Approach to Wellness

Collaboration between providers offers the promise of better health.

“In the time I have been in business, I have heard from individuals and organizations in the community that there are holes in our healthcare system. People are wanting more individualized attention," said Open Door founder Kate Gamble.  "They want to be educated about their options and want providers to understand the complexity of their concerns. This is what we aim to do."

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Earlier this month Open Door, located at 18 North Main St in White River Jct,  held an open house. Gamble and her new business partner, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner Britton Mann, offered tours of the renovated space and explained the mission of the enterprise—to offer a fresh approach to healthcare that encourages collaboration and the use of preventative healthcare practices. Other team members include nutritionist Holly Westling and Miriah Wall who oversees the mental health portion of Open Door's wellness programming. Gamble, herself, is a physical therapist, dancer and choreographer with a speciality in working with clients with biomechanical and neurological dysfunction.

“I have always wanted to offer health care programing in an integrated way and believe that through collaboration with other practitioners and the client, one sees better results," said Gamble. “After opening the business, I had the pleasure of meeting other professionals of like mind and knew they would complement the mission of Open Door. Adding Britton Mann as a partner offers an opportunity to add depth and clarity to this mission.” 

Mann was already practicing up the street from the Open Door under the name of Metolius Natural Medicine. He holds a doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. (Click here for Mann's description of the workings of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.)

“A primary benefit in the new space is that I have two treatment rooms. This allows me to schedule a full day of patients, but also leave a second room open for acute care. If someone throws their back out or is suffering a headache, I have more flexibility to see that person with short notice,” said Mann.

“Embedding my treatment rooms at Open Door also facilitates close collaboration between traditional East Asian medicine, physical therapy, mental health, nutrition and massage. This is of great benefit because we can bounce patient care ideas off each other. Patients win because their health care needs are addressed from the perspective of multiple health care modalities, and the providers win because of the vibrancy that collaboration brings to what would otherwise be solo private practice.”

For first-time visitors, what's noticeable about Open Door are the aesthetics of the place. The colors are relaxing. The lighting is warm. The wood floors are highly polished. The chairs in the waiting area are really, really comfortable.

The feeling is the total opposite of the atmosphere at most conventional healthcare offices with their harsh white light, drop ceilings and vinyl floors. 

That is by design.

“There’s plenty of good research showing that the quality of space that people inhabit directly impacts health outcomes,”  says Mann. "Artwork and paint colors, quality of the treatment tables, air-flow, lighting, furniture, have all been curated to facilitate health.”

The Open Door's interior promotes wellness.

The practitioners at Open Door also have a strong commitment to community outreach.

“We are offering programs for people looking for a multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain, disordered sleep, stress, and heightening vitality. These will be offered via group treatment and education, allowing for peer support and reduced cost for access to our expertise," explained Gamble.  “Open Door is serving as 'providers for providers' by helping employees at places like Dartmouth Health Connect, The Family Place, WISE, HCRS and the like. We hope to help these employees avoid burnout and be more effective in their workplaces.” 

Check the Open Door on Facebook for more information about classes and events.



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