Tallest Duplo Tower in the World

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I usually write about tiny house living, off-grid living, and news in my town of Sharon, Vermont. This blog post has NOTHING to do with those, so if you subscribed to my blog because you like reading about those subjects, you can stop reading now. This blog post is about my husband's newest nerdy project. My son and I helped, and have been involved in this crazy project for the past few weeks. Enjoy the break from important events and important talks you might have had with your family this week. 

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My husband, Ben, has been building with Duplos and Legos for the last 30 years. People usually graduate from Duplos, the big interlocking blocks, by age 5. They move on to Legos, the smaller interlocking blocks, and usually never look back. When our son was old enough to play with Duplos, Ben took it to heart to build interesting structures that would entice our son's imagination and give him a good foundation to learn about engineering (or that was the pitch my husband made to me when buying boxes of Duplos on BrickOwl). He has a whole section of Duplo projects on his blog if you want ideas on cool structures to build. 

Here are some structures he built over the years with our son: 

A replica of our son. I think this is how horror movies usually start.

Vertical Axis Wind Spinner Prototype (failed test outside, but still pretty cool)

Giant boat. About an eight of our living space

At one point, we learned that we could rent the school gym in our town for free. We rented it for our son birthday to have a paper airplane competition. It seemed normal to rent it for building something that couldn't fit into our house. 

Here is the first tower that was built in 2015, and was 17 feet tall: 

First (unofficial) Tallest Duplo Tower

My husband works at an engineering school and every year, they host the FIRST® LEGO® League qualifier tournament, an all-day robotics competition for local elementary and middle school teams. He thought it would be fun to combine his fun building passion with this event. After talking with the organizers of the event, they accepted to let him use the room and equipment. He also made an application 11 weeks ago to register the tower as the Tallest Freestanding Duplo Tower in the World, at the Guinness World Record, but we are still waiting on their decision. 

Here was the process: 

With dozens of kids running around during the Dartmouth FIRST® LEGO® League qualifier tournament, everyone thought it would be safer to have a net to catch the tower in case it fell

Counting and sorting through our Duplo collection

The venue: Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College

Getting the netting ready before the tower goes up

Little helper getting the Duplos

Strong base of 4 strands with the hope to go higher than 17 feet

20.5 feet! New record. Ben was a bit disappointed, we had enough Duplos to go up at least 30 feet. We will try again next year with a different design

Father and son, in front of their 20.5 feet tower

And because Ben has awesome colleagues who also wanted to be involved in the project, we got a cool time-lapse of the event: 

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