The Rogue with a scowl. He's at his best when mad.

Electing "The Rogue" President

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Dave Celone

Is Donald Right for America?

He has a face and a head of hair only a mother could love.  He's always shouting, always tweeting, always talking about himself and the dire straits he's going to fix.  About how great he is.  And he's taken America by storm, changing the face of U.S. electioneering for years to come.  He's Donald Trump, and if you haven't heard of him, you've been in a coma for years.

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Is Trump right for America?  What's his appeal? Why is half the country fawning over this Republican Presidential candidate, or at least turning out for his rallies, and showing up in the polls to support him and his rogue platform?

Let's take the last question first.  Why vote for the Rogue Republican?  

                                                            He's preying on hearts and
                                                        offering a twisted sense of hope.                

Because many of us were once rogues, or we still are rogues.  As a friend of mine tells me, there are plenty of "F-you" types in this world.  They'd rather operate on emotional basis rather than on intellect.  It's not that they're not smart, it's just that emotions rule their reactions to life and others.  If something doesn't feel right to them, they feel threatened.  They (we?) were the schoolyard bullies, boys and girls, for whom life didn't turn out terribly well.  They feel they got short shrift in life now as adults, and they want to feel like winners again.  This is what Trump promises -- making them (us?) feel like winners.  Making them (us?) feel great again.  He's appealing to some very visceral human emotions that drive people to do ugly things.  He's preying on hearts and offering a twisted sense of hope.  Beware!


                                                                               It'll be miserable,
                                                                       and nothing will get done.                                               


Next question, what's his appeal?  The answer is in the paragraph above.  If you're a rogue, you're going to feel pulled in by Trump.  You're going to want to vote for him based on emotion.  And it's your knee-jerk emotional vote he's counting on to win.  I'm telling you to Beware.  Beware the knee-jerk reaction when it comes to voting for a president of these United States.  Presidents need to run on far more than emotion, or else they risk alienating huge segments of the American people and world leaders.  I have no problem with the rogues of the world, in fact, I'm one from time to time, eschewing the large institutions that force structure onto my life -- and that includes large government.  But, I'm not going to run for president, and neither should you vote for me, or Donald whose mouth and emotional outbursts will cause only mayhem for our country.

Trump has already distanced himself from the Republican Party, and it has distanced itself from him.  So even if he has a Republican House to deal with, it's going to be in gridlock for four years.  If you vote for The Rogue and he wins, expect lots of bluster and blasphemous language coming out of the Oval Office as to why nothing is getting done.  He'll blame others.  He'll jump and shout.  He'll claim everyone is against him -- the media, the senators, the representatives, and, ultimately, you, the people who voted for him.  He'll blame you for not electing the right people to Congress.  He'll blame you for not getting more involved in our government.  He'll blame you and your parents for going back to your daily lives to grind it out without keeping up the pressure on Washington.  He'll whine.  He'll carry on.  And nothing will get done in Washington.  America will suffer.  Like the school yard bully, The Rogue will  turn on you the very day after you thought he or she had become your friend, merely because he's had a change of heart, or made some new friend who doesn't like you.  It'll be a large step back for our country to childhood games that ruin lives.  

Now for the first question.  Is Trump right for America?  

        It's an adversarial relationship already gone rotten.
        It's The Rogue's way of dealing with things.                                                                                                                         _                                        ___________________________________________

Maybe.  Who knows?  He might be able to pull off a few things with Presidential veto power, but that's taking the negative approach to governing.  Veto power only prevents things from happening.  Veto power is basically like bringing a lawsuit against Hillary.  It happens after lots of good people make a decision to draft a law and offer it up to the country.  It's The Rogue's way of dealing with things.  It's an adversarial relationship already gone rotten and that's all The Rogue as president will have in his hip pocket to try to get things done.   As a result, nothing will get done in Washington if The Rogue wins the presidency.

Now, on to Hillary.  Is she right for America?  Gosh, who knows.  But at the very least we know she got into this business of politics for the right reasons -- to help people, to help women, to fight for workers' rights.  She has a higher likelihood of getting some good things done here in the U.S. with a guy like Bernie Sanders backing her up in the Senate than The Rogue will ever have.  Yes, she might hide the truth.  Yes, she has a foundation that calls into question her husband's business dealings.  Yes, she gets paid for speaking events on Wall Street -- and that scares me for sure.  Yes, she has no clue about email server security -- and neither does anyone over the age of 60.  And, yes, she might be more of the same Washington insider types lots of people don't want to elect.  But, she's going to get things done because The Rogue, with his mean tongue has changed the way we think about our country, and about how our country interacts with the rest of the world.  

I give The Rogue credit for changing the conversation, but I give The Bern more credit for making us all see what we need to do to move forward as a country.  He'll be hanging around and heavily influencing Hillary if she's elected.  If The Rogue is elected, you can bet the last dollar in your pocket that The Bern and The Rogue will never come to terms.  And that will be bad for America.

                                                         He thinks saying something
                                                                  makes it happen.

And that's the final reason on why voting for Hillary is the right thing to do for our already great, and still great country.  It's because The Rogue will fail as president because all he does is play an emotional game, not one based on sound and well thought-out decisions and strategies and their long-term impact on all of us.  He's been living in a tall glass and steel (ivory) tower for too long, and he's pretty much out of touch with our true needs.  He thinks saying something makes it happen.  His ego and emotions rule him.  His desire to create a political dynasty for himself and his family is his main mission.  Our founding fathers laid out the process of governing in the U.S to prevent people like The Rogue from taking over like the English royalty they fled.  Let's not elect a monarch for president.

In my humble opinion  The Rogue will be just a rogue.  And he'll turn on you just as surely as the school yard bully you thought you had befriended just the day before.  

Beware America.  The Rogue is upon us.  

Don't take the knee-jerk, emotional act in the voting booth The Rogue wants you to take.  Stop.  Breathe.  And think about our country before you mark the box, pull the lever, or push the button to vote.  There's too much at stake to drop The Rogue into the Oval Office.  Our country and our lives, the lives of our children and our grandchildren are all at stake.  Stop.  Think.  Then vote.

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Dave Celone is a freelance writer, poet, art gallery curator, and consultant for the education industry. He co-owns Long River Gallery & Gifts in Lyme, NH with his wife Lisa where over 150 artists and artisans show their work. They have a new "pop-up" gallery is in the works in White River Junction, VT.  Dave is also principal of Advancement Consulting Services offering higher education institutions and private secondary schools global best practices and unique ways to increase alumni giving and involvement through programs that develop relationships and value holistically. His "virtuous circle" model on developing fundraising programs, and his belief in "treating students like alumnae/i and alumnae/i like students" have gained favor among development industry professionals and higher education leadership on multiple continents. Dave is former director of development at The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, and former co-executive director of the Dartmouth College Fund. He may be reached at  

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