Poets Alice B. Fogel, Chard deNiord Bring The Light In Lyme

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How did you spend that first dark afternoon after setting back your clocks? Following a particularly hectic weekend, I attended a poetry reading at the Dowds' Country Inn in Lyme NH. The folding chairs are never comfortable for long but the fading light outside, just visible through the window, and the sound of poet Alice B. Fogel's voice, were a balm. I closed my eyes at the pleasure. It was only coincidence--but a soothing one--that the reading  took place in the very room in which I had been married sixteen years ago.

Poet Laureate of New Hampshire, Alice B. Fogel

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Fogel, the Poet Laureate of New Hampshire and resident of Walpole NH, read from her poems about the season (" . . .autumn, passionate, impatient, is speaking") and the natural world, noting that rivers have always featured strongly in and throughout her life. One poem, Disturbance, full of plosives, reframed the meaning from the typically negative, as in "causing a disturbance, " to the positive strength of objects that redirect the force of flowing water. You can hear her read it by clicking on the audio file on her website

Chard deNiord is the Poet Laureate of Vermont, a professor at Providence College, and lives in Westminster West VT. He began with a poem--The Connecticut--appropriate to the event's theme--One River, Two Voices. The most memorable piece for me was Small Black Eye, about a bird who flies into a window, which "appears as air in the kingdom of birds."

Chard deNiord, Vermont's Poet Laureate 

The readings were sponsored by poet Dave Celone and the Long River Gallery and Gifts of Lyme NH. Over 80 people had gathered to listen. It made a particularly appealing and cozy sight looking back in through the inn's window as I left, even as the road home was very, very dark at an early 5:30 p.m. This is the time of year when I know that the solstice cannot come fast enough. 


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