Meeting New People in the Upper Valley

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Katie Donovan

Maybe you just moved here or you’re expanding your social circle.  Either way, it can be hard to know how to make friends in an area of small towns.

Here are some places to start.

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Local Music and Games at Salt Hill


Start up a conversation with someone about the music.  Ask them what they like to do in the area and any suggestions they have.  I've compiled a list of local venues and times.

Meetups for Hobbies, Outdoor Adventures, and Mother’s Groups: 


If you like to be active and have a lot of opportunities to meet people Meetups are a great place to meet new people and build friendships with like-minded people.  A lot of them are outdoors related, but there are ones with social events like picnics, game nights, and meet ups a local restaurants.  You can also find meetups related to certain hobbies too.  I like how you can get notifications via email of upcoming events , talk to people who are going to know what to expect, and know how many will be attending.

LL Bean Classes

llbean west leb

LL Bean in West Leb. offers classes for free or for a small fee.   Explore paddleboarding, kayaking, fly fishing, camping, local hikes, winter outdoor survival and more.   I’ll have to try one out sometime; they look like a lot of fun!

Upper Valley Young Professionals


Volunteer, learn, and network with other young professionals.  Being a part of this group includes events like a mix and mingle at a Latham Tavern in Lyme, raising money for CHaD and running a water stop at the half marathon, going to the Upper Valley Nighthawks summer collegiate baseball game, and taking part in the annual barbeque.  This sounds like a great way to meet new people, be a part of a community, and have fun too.

Check out Facebook groups


There’s a whole world out there you may never have known.  It’s called Facebook groups.  You can search your location.  I've included a link for the Upper Valley Facebook Groups.

This is a great place to seek out advice from locals and meet new people.  Join a hobby group or start your own.  There are also kids’ items swap groups.  Some are closed and require you to join while others are public.

Upper Valley VT/NH  This is a place locals ask for advice, provide ideas on things to do, and comment on local news: a great place to be in the know.

Bidding Room Looking for some great items?  Bid on clothes and other kids’ gear.

Upper Valley Events Looking for music and entertainment?  Lots here and more.

You Know You Grew Up in the Upper Valley When…    This one is cool because it celebrates beautiful places in the Upper Valley and reminisces about historical elements of the city.  I was only on for a few minutes and already learned a lot.

Group for Dartmouth Medical School Spouses


If you have a spouse who’s a Dartmouth Medical Student, there’s a group for you to help with the transition to the Upper Valley.  They have a book group and a cooking group.  People in the organization also lead playgroups and trips,   What a great idea!

I hope you find this information helpful as you embark on your journey of meeting new people.

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