Make Memories at Dark Mountain Games

Submitted 2 years ago
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Katie Donovan

This summer I was at the Springfield Farmer’s Market and saw a sign for games: “Reconnecting People Through Social Interaction.”   This really resonated with me since I grew up with board and card games as a means of connecting with my family and building memories.

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They're right on Main Street in Springfield, VT.


Great Selection

I entered the store and was amazed by the wall of games.  I’d never seen such a vast selection.    I was thrilled.


Friendly and Welcoming Gaming Community

Then I remembered.  I can’t play these games alone.  Maybe Dark Mountain Games had an open board game time too like Black Mountain Games so I could have people to play with?  I talked to one of the owners, Kevin Kellow, who was happy to tell me about the store and its offerings.  Every day was open board game time; you could demo games anytime.   There was a strong community of local gamers who welcomed new players.  So no worries if I was alone; I could find someone to play a game with.  Yay!   A group of people were sitting and playing games, proving his point.  The friendly group let me take a picture.


Lots of Events: Game Nights and Learn to Play

The store really caters to building a gaming community for those new to gaming or who want to learn more, which I was impressed with.  Want to learn a new game?  Try the Learn to Play day, Open Role Playing Game Night, or Open Game night on Mondays.  Into deck building games like Magic or Pathfinder?  They have that too.


A New Hot Spot in Springfield

It was a popular spot on the Saturday afternoon I wandered in.  You can even show your Dark Mountain Games pride and buy t shirts (look on the right wall).


I can’t wait to spend time there and play some games.



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