The Quechee Library Valley Quest has a New Location

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This year the Quechee Library relocated the Valley Quest treasure box. For those unfamiliar with these educational “treasure hunts,” Valley Quests encourage people of all ages to explore the culture and stories of local communities. “Questers” follow a set of clues to find a treasure box containing additional information about the quest location, a field journal and pencil where participants are encouraged to sign their name and any observations, and a rubber stamp and inkpad to keep track of the Valley Quests they’ve completed.

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“The Quechee Library Quest was first created in 1998, and we’re thrilled that community volunteers took on the project of updating it now nearly 20 years later,” says Allison Rogers Furbish, communications manager at Vital Communities, the White River Junction-based nonprofit that runs Valley Quest.

According to Celeste Pfeiffer, the new technical services assistant for the Quechee and Wilder Libraries, there were two main reasons for the update. First, the garden shed, which once housed the treasure box, now is locked, and the old box according to Pfeiffer, needed some “TLC.”

Pfeffier, along with long-time Valley Quest volunteers Lois Kahl, and her husband, Ted Frazer, found the perfect location on the side of a birch tree in front of the library. All that was needed was a suitable house for the treasure box, which Ted provided. A woodworking teacher for 40 years at Lebanon Junior High School and now teaching woodworking at Dartmouth College, he creates custom-made birdhouse to hide Valley Quest treasure boxes.

Here are the directions for those wishing to find the new treasure box at the library:

Quechee Library Valley Quest

“Come to a winding brick path on the right. Take a tour for the flowers are a beautiful sight.

This building beside you is not very old; in it a lot of stories are told.

Look all around for a tree with white bark. It stands by a wall and parts the plants like a huge bookmark.

The tree in front has a hidden small secret. What looks like a birdhouse really holds your prizes and trinkets!

Just lift the face of the box made of wood and see inside that you mastered the Quest, like you knew you could!”

“Valley Quests like this one are so valuable in helping both residents and visitors see our region through new eyes and understand the history and magic of the places we pass by every day in the Upper Valley,” says Furbish.

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