9 Flowers Still Blooming for Me!

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Henry Homeyer

Summer isn't over yet at in my gardens

Here are pictures of 9 plants still blooming in November. Some are a bit bedraggled, others look great. None are hard to grow. 


#1. These Johnnys are actually from Hank Ruppertsberger's garden in Plainfield, NH. But they jump up all over my garden, too, blooming wherever and whenever they want -  even during the January thaw. 

Colchicum or Fall Crocus

#2. This beauty is nearly done blooming. It's not a crocus at all, but, like crocus, it is a bulb plant. Over the years my 20 or so have dwindled down to just this one. Foliage appears in the spring, and the blossoms late in the fall. 


#3. Witchhazel is a nice understory shrub or small tree. It has yellow fall foliage so the blossoms are not obvious until after leaf drop. This plant is 8 feet tall and wide, and is covered with these frilly blossoms. 

Canadian Burnett (Sanguisorbia canadensis)

#4. This native grows in a wet place near my stream. I actually have 4 or 5 different species of Sanguisorbia in my gardens, but the others are much smaller, and are no longer blooming. One has tiny burgundy blossoms. All are  very nice plants, though this one grows over 6 feet tall, and is not really suitable in most flower beds. 


#5. Calendula, also called pot marigold, is an annual that blooms all summer for me - and up to now, despite several hard frosts. It self-sows for me, so I never plant it, it just returns. In fact, I pull up a lot of it in June, and just leave a few. 

Sea Holly (Eryngium amethystinum)

#6. I have tried and failed to overwinter sea holly several times, but I continue to try because I love these blue flowers. They are starting to fade now, but are still lovely. They need sharp drainage and poor, sandy soil. So I created a special, crummy soil for these that should do it! Ask me in the spring if my technique worked.

Fountain Grass (Miscanthus sinensis) 'Morning Light'

#7. Yes, the fluffy bits on this tall decorative grass are flowers and seeds. I love these 6-foot tall stems that stand up much of the winter. It does well in ordinary garden soil and comes back every year. The clump gets a bit bigger, but does not creep out to other parts of the garden. 

Common garden phlox

#8. I have lots of phlox, and 99.9% of it is done for the season. But I love this one plant that continues to brighten up the front of my house. 

Rose 'At Last'

#9. This rose, appropriately named 'At Last' is a trademarked rose produced by the Proven Winners people. I'm cheating a bit here, as I don't know if this bud will open. But it produced some very nice - and fragrant - blossoms in October and has bloomed well even after light frosts.

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