A Whiter Shade of Pale

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Readings for the World Soul by k.p.buk

Priorities. There is no escape. Matters not what we do. Yet, our nature is defined by what we continue to do. And nature is everywhere and everything. If we say we will do this or that, we often don’t. Our intentions are not necessarily our priorities. For example, those of you following this blog, intently, may have been aware of my 'little white lie' I told last week, well, not so much a lie as exercising creative license. However, truth be told my intentions, apparently, are not correctly aligned with my priorities. It seems it’s much easier to have an intent than it is to produce. So, I'll put nearly a half centuries' worth of wisdom to good use and just say, as with all new lovers, no promises.

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Reading for October 31, 2016

All of them Witches [Ace of Songs] this seems to summarize quite well the core identities here at play in our All-Hallow’s Eve reading. And like all magic, this moment is fragile, susceptible to influence, if not downright Volatile.

The Magician puts a record on... "Oh, what a perfect day... You're gonna reap just what you sow..."  There’s a message in a note. "Some try to tell me, thoughts they cannot defend just what you want to be, you will be in the end."

How else can we create? "Oh life, it's bigger, it's bigger than you, and you are not me... every whisper, of every waking hour." 

How do we find Balance? "Without love, where would you be right now?"

Spirit Queen, Queen of Spirits guide us through this night.  "I'm your fire... it's your desire."

"With a word she can get what she came for..."


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