You Looking at Me???? - Photo by Cora Grandfield - Tunbridge Fair

Tunbridge Fair Follow Up

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Cora Grandfield

A brief follow up while we wait for DHMC to call......I hate waiting

As you all know Tunbridge Fair was about 6 weeks ago.  Normally I enter some baked goodies in Floral Hall for judging but this year I entered some photographs for the first time.  I entered a black & white portrait of my husband Monty, a color portrait of my youngest son Chad, and  a color nature shot.

Photo by Cora Grandfield

This is the color nature shot.  I took it at a nature preserve in Maine this summer.  I have no idea how to edit photos so if I don't get a decent shot the first time, then, well.....I'm out of luck.  I love the shot but the piece of grass detracts from the shot.  I received a red ribbon on this photo.

Photo by Cora Grandfield - A boy, a dog and his truck - Chad Benoir & Bailey

This color portrait of my son Chad was part of his senior photo shoot that I did a couple of years ago.  This was the first (and only) photo shoot I have ever done.  A boy, his dog, and his truck.  We had a blast!  Again....I have no idea how to edit, so if I don't get it right the first time I don't get it at all.  I received a blue ribbon on this shot.  Thank you Chad and Bailey for being willing participants.

Photo by Cora Grandfield - My love - Monty Grandfield

This black and white shot is of my husband Monty.  For some reason I always manage to get pretty good shots of him.  This shot not only won a blue ribbon, it won  "People's choice"!!!!!  What a huge honor!  I don't know if they pick one for each category, but I am thrilled with the honor.  

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I am still waiting for DHMC to call with my first appointment with the dietitian and nurse practitioner.  I thought waiting was hard before!  OY!  At least before I was actively working on steps!  I am still doing those same things.  Keeping tracking of my food on myfitnesspal, seeing my therapist, and working on self improvement.  I just ready for the next step.  

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