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Tasty Samples

sil distillery drinks

I sample the chocolate vodka at the mini bar.  It bites and then has a smooth chocolate flavor that lingers.  How do they do that?  It’s delicious.  I eagerly buy a bottle as a gift but am unsure what it would go well with and the owner, Anne Marie Delaney gives me a drink recipe to try that includes Vermont Ice Maple Cream, cherries, and their own chocolate vodka.  Sounds sinful and something I’ll definitely have to try.  Thanks Anne Marie!

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 The Process

silo distillery process

Silo Distillery crafts its own liquor from start to finish.

They source local ingredients whenever possible.  The juniper berries for their gin comes from Massachusetts and the lavender and cucumbers are locally sourced as well. When they can’t get the ingredients locally they purchase fair trade products like the cocoa shells that get from Lake Champlain Chocolates, who buys direct from the farmer.

Silo gets its grains (wheat, rye, corn) for its vodka from Grembowicz Farm in North Clarendon, Vermont.  When the process is complete, the grains used to make the vodka are then fed to the animals, leaving no waste.  It’s wonderful to know you’re buying a quality product and sourced with local ingredients.  It makes me proud to be a local.

Silo Provides Entertainment

silo distillery

They have music twice a week throughout the year: Sundays noon to two, and jazz every third Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  On Sundays it’s called Music and Marys: what a fun title.  The building has great acoustics and was built by a local builder.  I think I’ll definitely go and enjoy some music on a Sunday afternoon in the winter.

 Parties and Gatherings

parties venue silo distllery

The Silo Distillery can hold both parties big and small.  From your intimate birthday party to your wedding reception, Silo Distillery can be the gathering place.  They can provide an outdoor tent that fits 175 people.  While you’re there, have a private tour and tasting.

The upstairs area is a large loft that looks out over the main tasting area.  There is also a viewing area so you can see down into the distillery room.  It’s a very welcoming atmosphere to relax and sip a drink, especially with the sofa in the corner.  I could imagine myself letting the music drift up as I sat and soaked it all in on the sofa.

 sitting area silo distillery

So next time you find yourself in need of a relaxed social gathering spot for drinks and music in the Upper Valley, check out Silo Distillery and enjoy.


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