Piecemeal Pies Adds To White River Junction's Renewal

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Cold sleet outside, warm pies inside . . .

It doesn't have to be winter to eat warm, satisfying pies. Based upon my recent experience in fighting back the gloomy snows of late October, however, I am predicting that gray winter afternoons might be made better by a trip to Piecemeal Pies in White River Junction VT.

Seats along the counter, with the best view in town

This restaurant, barely 3 weeks old, is owned by Chef Justin Barrett, and is part of the ongoing renewal/expanding hipness quotient of downtown White River Junction. It is located in the renovated Newberry building (5 South Main Street), which it shares with an expanded Tuckerbox and a new weekly marketplace. Barrett has varied cooking experience, including working at the Michelin-starred The Spotted Pig in New York City. The restaurant offers pies both savory and sweet; on my recent near-winter afternoon there, the entree items included beef and mushroom, the alliterative pork and parsnip, and curried vegetable pies. Unlike the potpies you may be used to, these have a British air about them, freestanding and tall with a vent hole smack in the center.

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There is more to the menu, including salads, soups, and sweet pies and other desserts. Beverages include sodas and coffees, and according to its beautifully-designed website, hard cider. The folks at Piecemeal Pies claim to "love you even if gluten does not," offering many gluten-free items.

The kitchen

The space is attractive, with an open kitchen where chefs continued to cook placidly through my impromptu photo shoot. Seating is varied--a few regular tables, a communal table in the center of the room, and some hightops at a bar that allow you to face the front window and take in all of the sights that downtown White River Junction has to offer.

Gotta run? Take-out is available. I took one each of the beef and pork pies home for supper. They were packed up in their individual containers (below). Impossible to mix them up--there's a tiny piece of art on the top of each box.

And the pies? Could not have been better.


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