Chris Gray inside the Norwich Farm micro-creamery.

Farm-Fresh Milk in Norwich

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Cream-on-the-top milk at new micro-dairy

Farm fresh milk is available anytime you need it at the Norwich Farm Creamery Store located at 723 Turnpike Road in Norwich. The micro-dairy run by Chris Gray is part of an operation that combines the talents of Vermont Technical College students, dairy farmer Josh Swift, and Gray. The farm was donated to the college last year by Andrew Sigler and now houses individual businesses for Gray and Swift and a residential off-campus program in agriculture for the college.

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Right now Gray is selling just whole milk— which is something of a misnomer because it is well beyond the creaminess of the whole milk sold in the supermarket.  

"Here at the start, we are doing Creamline milk only. This is cream-on-the-top whole milk, with a butter fat of around 4.5 percent," explained Gray. "A typical whole milk in the store is 3.5 percent. Gradually, we will add in skim and cream as well. We'll not be doing any 1 percent or 2 percent blends. All or nothing!"

So how fresh is the milk sold under the Creamline label? Well, there is a pipeline running directly from Swift's bulk cooler into Gray's creamery. The milk itself is Grade A, antibiotic-free, pasteurized, non-homogenized. The last term is the scientific way of saying you have to shake the bottle before you pour because the cream rises to the top. The cows are a grass and non-GMO grain-fed herd of Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Shorthorns, and Holsteins.

The farm store is on Turnpike Road, past Huntley Meadow, on the way to Gile Mountain. The store is in the creamery building, the first building on the left. Enter through the door opposite the UVLT Brookmead Conservation Area parking lot.

The store, which is open daily, is a self-service/honor operation. Creamline milk is also sold at Dan and Whits and the Norwich Farmers Market. The milk is priced at $4.00 for a half gallon and $8.00 for a gallon.


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