Capitol Steps, Halloween with the Conniption Fits!

Photo Credit: The Conniption Fits

Howdy Folks, 

It's the time of year when it's hard to engage in any cultural outing without there being a hint of Halloween in the air. Most bars and restaurants across the Upper Valley have donned their Hallow's eve decor, and I'm sure many folks have begun to ask you what your Halloween plans are. 

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Well, this year's there's an extra twist as we are under two weeks away from the Quadrennial uproar known as a Presidential election. Or...maybe you haven't heard ; ). 

I'd imagine we could all use a break from the political cacophony on the nightly news, and we're in luck, as the Capitol Steps are coming to town this Thursday! While the early show has sold out, as of this writing there's a few left for the encore performance, so head on over to the Hopkins Center and snag 'em.. And if you're missing the shows at the HOP but still need a laugh, The Woolen Mill Comedy Club continues their run of increasingly well-attended comedy nights at the Skinny Pancake Hanover on Friday 10/28. I'm sure there will be some political commentary amongst the crepes so you can still get your fix of political satire. 

In the Halloween shows department, the big one here is the Conniption Fits at Salt Hill Hanover. Hot off a European tour and a single on Top 40 radio, they celebrate their UV Halloween in Hanover this Friday. Spooky. 

Lots of good music happening across the Upper Valley this week so be sure to give a listen wherever you are. Which shows are YOU most looking forward to this week?

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