Update on Vershire Water Shortage

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Late Friday I spoke with Bryan Redmond, Director for the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division of the Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation.  The information in this article is based on my conversation with him.  This article is a follow-up to a more general post on Vershire's drought conditions & water situation I published here on the Vershire Buzz yesterday.

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Mr. Redmond confirmed that his department is part of a state-wide drought task force and that they are working with Vermont Emergency Management, Homeland Security and the National Weather Service to discern the best guidance for citizens, available resources and a possible timeline for improved conditions.  It is hoped that we'll get some badly needed rain and even wet snow that will saturate the ground before it freezes solid, though some predictions indicate the semi-long-term forecast may still be dry.

Early this coming week, the State will activate a website where residents can report water shortages and outages on a drought reporter, which data collection could help inform the state government's response.  The site will include a public information statement and 10-step guide to conservation for folks who do still have water in their wells and those on municipal systems.  There will also be a list of licensed well-drillers and water haulers available, though they are understandably quite busy already and there may be an extensive waiting list, so please be patient.

It's possible that there could also be deployed bulk water filling stations as has happened in the past, for instance, in Franklin County.  Mr. Redmond agreed with Vershire Fire Chief Steve Ward that fire departments filling wells is not an effective strategy and could lead to contamination of drinking water.

I will post further updates as they become available here on the Vershire Buzz on dailyUV.com and also on the Vershire Buzz Facebook Page.  Please post in the comments or on the Facebook page if you have stories or questions.  This is your voice, Vershire!  And please check on your neighbors to make sure they have what they need.


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