Mom was Right: Get Up and Go Outside

Go outside. You are going outside now. It’s time to go outside. Outside is where you belong. Isn't it time for you to go outside?

For my entire childhood I heard these phrases spoken from my mother's lips, sometimes with irritation when my brother and I had been underfoot in the kitchen for too long. It didn't matter what the weather was doing- we'd bundle into whatever gear was needed, at this time of year, rubber boots, wool sweaters and raincoats and she'd kiss the tops of our heads and send us on our way saying, "don't come back until I call you."

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I think about this often these days, particularly when the stress of modern life has me living too much in my head and I feel overwhelmed by my task list and overflowing inbox. All kinds of new research shows that spending daily time outdoors has the capacity to heal a variety of negative  human conditions, and most notably for me, provides an antidote to my endless  technology overload. My mother was right, once again.

So… I'm going outside now…and I'll be back when somebody calls me.

Mundy Wilson Piper, Owner & General Manager, Chippers Inc

Originally published in the Chippers GreenWords Newsletter

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