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Readings For The World Soul by kp buk

The TAROT Guild’s reader strike is over as of 12:13:01 AM EST. It all happened at the negotiation table where a host of Teamsters sat working ‘round the clock advocating for each and every demand laid out by current contract disputes. Guild-Execs worked it hard, but Teamsters worked it harder. The decision to strike, as it most commonly is, was the final straw in what had become an almost imperceptible decline in the quality of working conditions which readers, like myself, are subjected on a daily basis. If you’ve never been on this side of a picket line before, let me tell you, things get tense, fast––and can escalate in a heartbeat. Someone throws a bottle into the crowd that’s it... the whole sh*t house goes up in flames. Right now, the other side has acknowledged and agreed to meet our list of demands. So, I’m glad to be back... for the time being.

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Reading for Sunday, October 16, 2016, 06:23: 33 AM EST

You’ve all heard the cliche––Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, I’m here to tell you the Devil’s in the details. You see, I’ve been looking this reading for the past two weeks––and not just looking at it, I’ve been living it––as each time I attempt to ascribe a meaning for it to you––the closer I feel, the further I am.

And you can take that to the bank.

Look at it from different angles.

The times I have encountered other such significant gaps between a cognitive and experiential knowledge, my first reaction––peddle to the medal––and spinout in my long laborous writing process (you have no idea) chasing my proverbial dragons four, six, or even twelve hours straight- easily. While I still contend that if it's at all worth saying, then it's worth all the time it takes to say it in, in this instance I say, "fuk it."

Awhile back, I cited the following mind-boggling statistic: the total number of unique 7 card spreads within a standard 78 card deck means that the card spread we are now contemplating is only 1 of 13,000,000,000,000. So, you know there’s bound to be some doozies... It’s most definitely a strange loop*.

If we try to deconstruct the reading without assigning it a perceived “meaning”––multiple sets of dualistic intentions become apparent. [Lovers] Center card––First duality loop at the core of our inquiry. [The Devil––Hangman] Second duality loop which envelops the first. [King of Flames––Sustain] and [King of Earth––Defeat] A Third and Fourth dualistic loop dynamic, each containing even further dualistic components.

Whatever it is.. it’s designed to move, baby!

*A strange loop is a formal construction that Hofstadter talks about in Godel, Escher, Bach. It's when a system is self-referential or recursive. He issues these strange loop objects to examine the music of Bach, the drawings of Escher and the mathematics of Godel, in order to assert that they are the same idea expressed in 3 languages.––a quote by someone else, not me.

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