The Onion/Dumpling and Other Hanover Treasures

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An impromptu afternoon stroll

It was to be a quick second look at the new photography exhibition at the OSHER gallery, which merits a separate blog post that will soon appear. But it was a mild October afternoon and having spent the morning in front of my computer, my husband and I thought it a good opportunity for our daily (in a good week) walk. Here is what a journey on foot uncovered, in less than an hour, in Hanover NH. 

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The new House Center A, a/k/a the Onion, the (garlic) Clove, or the agreed-upon favorite, the Dumpling; all of the names are inspired by its . . .um . . .architecture. Dartmouth has described it as a sort of living room that is part of its house communities program. It's a temporary and recently constructed space for Dartmouth students to meet, greet, nosh, and study. It comes complete with an outdoor terrace, snack bar, and an opportunity to schmooze with a Bernese mountain dog. And a handful of little reading nooks that I could have happily moved into--the yellow double if you want company, or a gorgeous red single to call your own. 

Reading nook at the Dumpling

Next is an iconic Dartmouth/autumn scene that begged to be photographed. I know that because mine is a photo of someone taking a photo of the iconic scene.

Evidence of autumn in front of Dartmouth's Alumni Hall

Construction/destruction: the new and shiny spire atop Baker Library (see above). . . and the dismantling of the Hood Museum, just visible over the draped construction fence.

Beyond that green scrim, the Hood is falling.

If it's Wednesday, it must be the Farmers' Market, complete with mid-autumn produce, a long line for the Samosa Man, and live music from a Dartmouth student band, Life After Disco. And yes, there certainly is. 

Life After Disco playing into the afternoon

Finally, I noticed that the United States presidential race is not the only political activity, as this message on the Hopkins Center plaza shows. Good luck to you, Conner Turner. Keep us apprised of the results! 

We came home, savoring our walk, the unexpected warmth of the afternoon, and our own personal haul from the Farmers' Market--healthy strawberries and (only) one food-for-the-soul cannoli. 


Ben, the Bernese, will be making an appearance at the Dumpling.

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